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Being charged with driving under the influence, or DUI, is a very serious offense that can negatively affect your future for years to come.

When charged with a DUI, our goal is to ensure that your case is resolved the best way possible. 

Why should you hire J. David Bogenschutz & Associates, P.A. to represent you when charged with a DUI?

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Criminal Defense Is Our Focus

Well-Qualified Attorneys

The attorneys at J. David Bogenschutz & Associates, P.A., have handles dozens and dozens of DUI cases. The DUI laws in Florida are some of the most stringent in the country, and every person arrested for DUI is subject to the mandatory minimum penalties created by the legislature. Our goal is to help resolve each and every DUI the best way possible, with the ultimate goal of having the charges dismissed entirely, or having the charges reduced. 

Protecting Your Future

A DUI conviction can seriously affect your future, resulting in hefty fines, jail time, loss of driving privileges, and a criminal record. Hiring a defense lawyer experienced in DUI defense is the best way to negotiate a less severe sentence.

Helping You Build a Strong Case

It is extremely important that the attorneys who represent you in a DUI case have an in-depth understanding of DUI law. For example, someone with a blood alcohol above .15 faces enhanced penalties than a person who blows a .08. Additionally, if you have ever been arrested for DUI before, and whether that conviction occurred within a certain number of years, all affect the final resolution of your case. A great DUI attorney is able to recognize problems that occurred during the administration of the field sobriety tests, and knows exactly what motions need to be filed, and what depositions need to be taken, in order to show a prosecutor why charges need to be dismissed, or charges reduced. J. David Bogenschutz & Jaclyn E. Broudy are able to do just that.  

What else can J. David Bogenschutz & Jaclyn E. Broudy offer you? 

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Without the proper defense, drivers convicted of DUI may lose their license. 

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